Saturday, January 25, 2014


Instructor: Ms. Miller
Room 810
                                             Course Description
US History II Syllabus
Foley High School 2014

“Believe you can and you are halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt.
All school procedures and policies from the Foley High School handbook will be followed.  Accommodations for students with IEP’s, PEP’s  and/or ESL will be followed.  It’s the law.

Course Rationale: The study of the history of the United States in grade 11 continues the journey begun in grade 10 through the economic, geographic, social and political development of the United States.  Beginning with the post-Reconstruction US and its shift into a more industrialized society, the course continues through the twentieth century to the present.  Students are involved in a chronological study of major events, issues, movements and leaders of the US through the present from both a national and Alabama perspective.  Students are actively involved in and challenged by the level of expectation inherent in the required content of this course.  With more fully developed skills in abstract thinking, students compare, analyze, and explain events and developments rather than list or identify them. 

Proposed Objectives:  The objectives that will be covered are obtained from the state curriculum guide and the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.  The topics that will be covered include:
*Changes on the Western Frontier                         *Cold War Conflicts
*The New Industrial Age                                       * Postwar Boom           
*Immigration and Urbanization                              * New Frontier
*Life at the Turn of the Century                            * Civil Rights
*Progressive Era                                                     * Vietnam
*American Imperialism                                           *Era of Social Change
*World War I                                                        * Age of Limits
*Politics and Life in the 1920’s                               * Conservative Tide
*The Great Depression                                           * US in Today’s World
*World War II

Student Resources: The student textbook is McDougall Littell’s The Americans. You will access your book online. 
1.  Log into MOODLE
2. Go to shared courses
3.  Click on social studies resources
4.  Click on The Americans (blue version)
5.  It should download immediately to your computer.
6. If it asks for an enrollment code use ss825.
Materials Needed:  Students are required to have the following materials each day:
            1. Three ring binder with paper
            2.  Writing utensil
3.  FULLY charged MAC.  If you need to charge your computer,  you may but you will not be able to use it while it is charging.
*Other supplies may be required at a later date!

Assessment and Grade Determination:  The student’s grade will be determined using the category point system.  Tests, class work, homework, quizzes and projects are examples of ways that progress is assessed.  Grades will be divided into categories:                   
Assessments                            50%
Homework/Classwork               30%
            Exam                                        20%
The semester average is calculated by averaging the two nine week’s grades.  It is of the utmost importance to complete all assignments on time.  Late work MAY be accepted for partial credit.

Make-up Work:  Make-up work will not interfere with regular class activities.  It is the responsibility of the student to find out what work was missed due to an excused absence.  This includes notes, homework, class work, quizzes, tests and/or projects.  The student will have three days to make-up work missed due to an excused absence.  Assignments/tests missed because of an unexcused absence CANNOT be made up.  No exceptions will be made!  Absences are marked as unexcused on the third day after the student’s return. Work that will be missed due to a field trip should be discussed prior to the trip.

General Classroom Procedures: 
1. All school rules and regulations are to be followed (including not using cell phones).
2. Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
3. Respect others who are in this room.
4. Be prepared and bring required materials to class everyday!
5. Be prompt and in your seat when the tardy bell rings!
6. Students will not interfere with the learning process of others.
7. Students who misuse their computers will be put on computer restriction and will not be allowed to use their computer for ANY reason during the restriction period.
*Other rules may be added if the need arises.

            1. Verbal warning
            2. Student/teacher conference
            3. Parent contact         
4. Disciplinary referral---note some behaviors will result in immediate referral

Discipline Procedures as Directed by FHS Handbook

Behavior Exhibited
Tardiness to class per term
1st-3rd tardy-document in grade book
4th onward tardy-office referral
Record a grade of zero for that activity and office referral describing details
Appropriate materials not brought to class
Any consequence listed below
Nuisance item (I-Pods, cell phones, I-Phones, etc…)
Collect item and turn in to office
Profanity, physical behavior, etc.
Office referral
Non-uniform compliance
Office referral
4th Hall pass per quarter
Break detention
5th Hall pass per quarter
Period OCS
6th Hall pass per quarter
All-day OCS

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My email is and you can reach me by calling Foley High School, (251) 943-2221.